Monday, November 16, 2009

DIVAS Personal Shopper with Kim Kardashian  Okay so I am a big loooooooooooooooooooooover of Shoes.  In fact I have a closet full of shoes in all colors shapes and syles.  I came across this article in a mag and decided to log on and check it out.
First I must say it is a fun site and I enjoyed answering the questions that you must answer in order to be a part of the companyI love the concept.  Personal Shopper for shoes!!!  Right up my alley.  I am very busy and I really hate to shop.  But I love keeping up with the latest fashions and looking great when I step out.
What this site does for all the DIVAS is provide you a service just like the ones that most of the stars get.  Someone else actually does the shopping and looking for you and brings the selections to you to choose.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!   Well needless to say I did sign up and am anxiously awaiting my profile of shoes that my personal stylest have chosen for me.

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Please go check it out.  Every DIVA should have a personal shopper and this one is VERY affordable.  I salute Kim Kardashian for the concept and the site and I look forward to a long relationship with  Shoe Dazzle. 

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