Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday DIVA-lites

Love this Look Tres' Chic
Okay, so I am sitting here in my PJ's sick.  Everyone in the house is sick and I have not been able to write daily like I should.  I am so far behind on articles which I have commented to write for other publications and have not updated any of my sites, so as I was sitting at my home office I decided to write to my Diva Blogger readers.  Writing to you all may jump start me for my other projects!!  I want to share with you just a few of my DIVA-lites for the holiday season.
These tights are on my list of MUST get.  They are "off the chart adorable", at a price tag of 250 they should be!  And the Boots are the bomb.  And of course the purse is a must.  These items Miu Miu.

  Thinking about the Holidays is what inspired me to check in with all of you.  Browsing through a few of my catalogs that arrived in the mail, and checking out my sites about fashion in Paris and New York, I came across items that just adore and decided to share just a few of those items that are a must buy for me this Holiday Season.  Glitter nail polish is a MUST do.  I am planning on getting this done ASAP.  There are quite a few lines that are carrying glitter nail polish this season, it just depends on the price that you want to pay.  So go for it.

GOLD is very big this season.  Now I personally prefer to wear silver, but can carry off gold as well.  If however you just don't like gold, then by all means wear your silver, after all fashion is all about YOU putting your own spin on what is in fashion.  If you always know what you are about, then no matter what is in Fashion at the time, you will never be at a lost as to what to wear, because whatever it is, it will always reflect who you are.

  Black has been and (in my opinion) will always be in style.  Wear it with lots of pearls and don't forget the gloves.  Or as shown in the photo to the left go all black, how Paris Chic!  Gloves are the It accessory this season, day or night, as you can see in the photo to on the right.  They are a HOT look giving daytime wear a lot of  flair, wear with jeans and you are set to go, LOVE IT.  Add a dash of color in this area if you are incline to do so, maybe bright purple, or yellow, or fushia, just go for it. 
Makeup is just as rich and deep in color as the clothing.  Lips are RED or very NUDE either one is awesome just be you!  Price is what you want to spend.

 With sooooooooooo many designers doing clothing lines for the likes of Target, Walmart etc  you can get a few inexpensive pieces and mix with some of the more pricey pieces and be a Fashion Icon.  Create.  Be YOU. Develope your own signature style.  Feel comfortable in knowing who you are and what looks good on you what you will and will not do fashion wise.
Bag by Chanel

Well I am going to end this communication for today and go and retire for the rest of the night.  But I will be back.  In the meantime, remember this "A DIVA is a woman who knows who SHE is."

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Curlicali said...

I love the silver and gold eye shadow!! I cheer for an NFL team and am not that experienced with makeup, so i am learning. I have to realize that I have an Asian eyelid, but I'm black! lol