Saturday, January 02, 2010

SHOE-licious DIVA

Your January Shoes Are Ready!


I am a true DIVA, in the sense that I enjoy the finer things in life that God has blessed me to enjoy.  When I find something great as a DIVA, I always want to share with my friends and family.
Imagine not having to go out and shop for shoes yourself, but having someone to come into your home and offer you a selection of shoes based upon your special preference.  Well ladies that is exactly what KiM  Kardashian has done with this company.
It is a great way to increase your shoe selection and to have shoes to choose from all for under $40.00, awesome.  Let me share with you my selection for this month, not only do you get the selection but you get suggestions for clothing to wear with your new shoes.
So with that said, log on and get your year started off to a SHOE- licious START.



January Shoes Are Ready

You've made a dozen resolutions for 2010, but we're committed to helping you achieve the most important one: More style in the new year! Start the decade off on the right foot with fashion so far forward, you'll be setting the trends for the next millennium. This month's collection features designer-inspired platform heels for the office fashion maven, classics with a new-decade twist, sexed-up rocker-chic shoes dressed with zippers, buckles, straps and studs, and the new you wouldn't be complete without the must-have "slouchy" anklet pump.

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Cheers to a dazzling you in 2010!

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Shoe selections for this month (January 2010)



The key to rocking a snakeskin print is learning to embrace the rich variety of colors captured in every shade of tan in Boulevard’s faux python upper. Boulevard is essentially a nude shoe that will match many a skin tone while creating interest that won’t leave you fading into the background. Her dual zipper trim accentuates the organic curve of her distinctive vamp. The rib cage cutouts and peep toe allow your skin tone to add yet another layer of color to the mix, giving Boulevard more depth and interest than you would find in a solid-colored heel. Because her design is so organic, you can select pieces that either contrast or mimic Boulevard’s gentle curves. For a casual day look, try skinny jeans in a dark wash with a color-blocked top in blush and tan. At a loss for the perfect top? Create the look with a pastel pink blouse and tan cinch belt. The contrast created where colors meet are the perfect counterpart to Boulevard’s sensuous silhouette. When night falls, switch gears and slip into something flowing and feminine. I’m thinking a silk wrap dress with an abstract print in peacock tones would be perfect! A little snakeskin goes a long way…


Anonymous said...

ShoeDazzle is the best idea I've seen in a LONG time! Fantastic service, amazing shoes ... every DIVA needs this.

DivaGlam Cosmetics Blogspot said...

thank you for your comment, you are right every DIVA does NEED THIS SERVICE.

bohemiansoul said...

I enjoy reading your blog and all the useful tips!

DivaGlam Cosmetics Blogspot said...

thank you sooooooo much, I am glad that you enjoy it. I enjoy writing and finding new and exciting things in beauty and fashion.