Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exercise done the SKECHERS WAY

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE.  I just want to say that during this time of year many of us begin to think about our lives and what we did this year and what we would like to do in the coming New Year, Well I am no different than you.

For Christmas my husband got me the Skechers tennis shoes.  When you walk you can lose weight and strenghten back muscles, tone leg calfs, help to correct posture etc.  I got them and was happy to do so because like most of you I want to lose a few pounds in the coming year.  So with that said I began my journey to health with these shoes.

Shape-Ups are designed to:

•Promote weight loss

•Strengthen the back

•Firm calf and buttock muscles

•Reduce cellulite and tone your thighs

•Increase cardiovascular health

•Improve posture
The first day I wore them I must have worn them for tooooooo long because I started to complain to my daughter that my back was hurting and then she reminded me that you are suppose to break the shoes in and wear them a little at a time until you get use to walking the correct way.  Needless to say when I got home I took them off, but I will say that I do feel a difference in my back and stomach muscles, which is great because if you are anything like me I hate to exercise, and will not go to a Gym for all to see me!
This was my second day wearing them and I did not walk as much in them as the first day but I love them. 
So if you are out there and thought about getting a pair and you are anything like me and hate the idea of a gym or any kind of scheduled exercise, try these shoes.  Of course they will never take the place of regular scheduled exercise but at least as you go about your regular day you can make a difference in your body.
Until next time then,  Stay DIVA-licious.......


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