Tuesday, December 08, 2009

NEW FOR SPRING China Glaze Nail Polish

This week I want to share with ALL of you the BEAUTIFUL NEW COLORS that are coming for Spring 2010.  These colors remind me of candy. 
If you are a youngster (smile) then by all means go all out and apply whatever color you want to.  For those of us who are over the 20ish phase (smile) we should be a little more discriminative in our choices.  However, on our feet we can always be as daring as we want.

I love color on the feet.  It is a good place to be loud and daring and as wild with color as you want.  In fact color on the feet in a pair of sandles or open toe shoes look amazing.  So with said, go all out everyone and express your inner DIVA with color this Spring.

My source that wrote this article suggests that you experiment with the polish because of the texture and thickness, until you get it just right.  If you are a true Diva like myself, I just have a professional do it for me!  That way you are sure to get it right.

Remember what I always tell you, whatever the fashion trend take it and make it YOUR OWN.


China Glaze Up & Away Collection Review Round-up

The twelve shades from Up & Away are all creme finish, which means that they’re creamy and have absolutely no shimmer whatsoever. I didn’t find these the easiest to apply from the beginning, but I did find that after I initially applied three or four of them, I started to figure out what worked and what didn’t for these. I did, however, really love the range of shades included in this launch and really felt like they covered the entire rainbow.

Temptalia Recommendations

Must-Haves: Four Leaf Clover, Sugar High, Re-Fresh Mint

Nice-to-Haves: Something Sweet, Lemon Fizz, Flyin’ High, Light As Air

Here are some tips I learned about application for these spring shades…

Experiment with thickness of coats and number of coats. I found one thin coat (which might even be streaky) followed by a slightly thicker second coat gave me the results I wanted.

Make sure to use a base coat and top coat. The base coat will give the polish a smoother surface and something better to anchor to, which will help the polish look and feel more even and smooth. (It also helps it last longer!)

Patience is a virtue. You don’t need to wait ten minutes in-between coats, but I would advise waiting anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. Since I went for a fairly thin first coat, I didn’t have to wait long before it was dry enough to layer on a second coat.
Shade by Shade Reviews


Sugar High

Something Sweet

High Hopes


Happy Go Lucky

Lemon Fizz

Re-Fresh Mint

Four Leaf Clover

Flyin’ High

Grape Pop

Light As Air

Have DIVAlicious Day,



China Glaze Up & Away Collection Review Round-up

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