Sunday, December 06, 2009

The DIVA LOOK of the 40's & 50's

This makeup look is inspired by the 40s and 50s, bringing a very sophisticated and glamorous look. Those decades stood out for their sophisticated image of extreme femininity: immaculate complexions, deep eyes and looks, and very red lips. This look will suit all of you, so read on.


Complexion is key to this season's makeup. To create a clear complexion we must achieve a uniform surface without weighing the skin down with make up. The face must look as natural as possible. Caribbean tans and bright red cheeks are out. This season brings a healthy look, fresh healthy-looking faces. Choose the foundation closest to your skin color. The market offers a huge variety. Perfect Touch by Yves Saint Laurent is a very light foundation that offers amazing results. Its format, with a brush applicator, keeps you from getting dirty fingers. You won't need to use sponges again. Another option is Perfectly Real makeup in Shade by Clinique.  Or don't forget DivaGlam Cosmetics as well.



Eyes are the focus of makeup - catty looks that create an almond-shape effect. Colors don't follow the trend of the 40s and 50s. You can choose the ones which suit you best, but keep in mind that this season we'll be seeing a lot of dark or navy blue, coffee, ochre, and browns in general. Remember to finish off your eyes' look and almond shape with a touch of black. Eyeliner is a strong trend this year. Automatic Eyeliner by Yves Saint Laurent is a good choice. Its incredible precision will make it your perfect ally for the season.

Add mystery to your eyes

To add mystery and glamour to your eyes, you mustn't forget to apply mascara. Choose the one that suits your style best. Black is an all-time favorite, but dark blue is also a good option this season.


This season's lips come in strong colors. Red tones are a fury, together with the whole range of plum, raspberry and Bordeaux colors. Don't forget to treat them before applying makeup. Remember that firm healthy skin will really improve the way their look. Don't forget to apply lip liner to keep the lipstick from smearing. This season's tones are dark or very defined, so your stroke must be perfect. The shape you give is up to you but a Cupid's bow will make your lips look very sensual.


When it comes to nails you must choose between two opposites: either bare or dark colored. The latest trend is wearing light colors, white or nearly transparent on your fingernails and black, red, Bordeaux or another very dark color on your toenails. This will create a contrast, giving you a very modern look. Try it out and you'll see how great it looks.

I hope you put this advice into practice so that this coming season your look will be more glamorous than ever.


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