Friday, January 06, 2012

SkINcArE????????? WhaT tO do

"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY"
I love this video and wanted to share it with my readers.  I always stress the importance of skincare.  It was my grandmother who first told me the secret to looking young later in life.   She always cleansed her skin and used moisturizer daily.  The other advice she gave me that was of great importance as well was never to go to bed with your makeup on.  This one act alone will save you years off the face.
I was told that going to bed with makeup on can age the skin by 10 years!!!!!! WOW just think 10 years can be taken off you face just by following simple steps 1. cleanse morning and night.  2. moisturize morning and night.
Today we have so many products to choose from for this so just do your homework and find what works for YOU.  My grandmother used Ponds cold cream and vasaline and nothing else.  At the age of 104 she had barely any wrinkles at all.
Remember YOU only get ONE face, so treat it well.

Cleanse well my friend,


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