Friday, November 04, 2011


"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY Everywhere you look these days you can find awesome red colors and makeup to compliment this very hot trend for the season. Red comes in various HUE'S just like the Diva YOU ARE, and you much pick the right one that will compliment you BEAUTIFUL YOU. There are orange reds and blue based reds and yellow based reds and what I like to call true red. What HUE you wear depends on skin, hair and eye color. A simple way to determind if the red is right for you is to go into natural light and pick out a red that appeals to you. What you need to look for is the overall way you look. Are you dull looking, do you look darker than usual (tanned), does the color wash you completely out and you look ghost like.
The color red that brings a rose glow to the cheeks and brightens your overall appearance is the right one for you. These simple rules also apply in the choosing of lipstick and lipgloss as well remember "if you feel good wearing it then you most likely look good wearing it". Please check out DivaGlam Cosmetics beautiful array of winter reds and go out and speak LOUD to the world that YOU ARE HERE. That is what red can do for you. Until next time, MeChelle

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