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"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY"

DivaGlam Cosmetics
Welcome to DIVAGLAM COSMETICS! We want you to feel welcomed.

Here is where we offer you the tools and knowledge so that you can enhance your outward beauty and look and feel great about yourself. Learn to create your own personal style and flair, perhaps also to gain knowledge to teach others what you have learned.

DivaGlam Cosmetics was created with YOU in mind. We carry natural mineral makeup made especially for the COLOR of women. Women of any ethnic background as well as racially mixed hertiage, we have the color for YOU! Our skincare is soy based and can be used by most skin types. I guarantee, you will be satisfied and tell your friends about us. Have a DIVAlicious Day!

Hostess a Diva Party

Income Opportunity

Our commission plan allows you to earn as much extra income as you want!

Work your business either part-time or full time.

Personal Sales

Up to 50% profit
Diva in home demonstrations

One-on-one demonstrations
Customer reorders
Recruitment Commission

Up to 8% 15 personal recruits

Minimum of $2000.00 wholesale volume per month

Promotional Prizes and Awards

Team Manager Incentives

Additional Recruitment Commission - Up to 13%

Team Manager Commission - Up to 13%

Spin-off Commission

Team Volume Bonus

Recruiting Bonus

How you can join


Order your Diva Artist Kit by phone or mail. The cost of your Diva Artist Kit is $150 plus $6 for shipping plus your local tax rate applied to the $150 cost of the kit. . To Order by Phone: Call our order line at 1 888 826 9327x2569 Monday - Friday. We accept all major credit cards. To Order by Mail: Send a money order, cashier's check, or certified check to: DivaGlam Cosmetics,LLC 1330 Jacobs Place Dixon, Ca 95620


Complete your Diva Artists contract and send it to the company. e-mail us at www.divaglamcosmetics@live.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on the job training You begin training and gaining practical experience as soon as you join the company. We use two methods for the formal training of new Diva Artists.

1. Live Diva Dates Conducted by Diva Artists Team, our authorized Trainers. Call your Sponsor, Manager or Diva-Artist Consultant Trainer and find out the time and location of the next class. Read the Diva-Artist Manual before attending the class.

2. Home Study If no Diva-Artist Trainer is near your geographical area, you will study at home going over the videos and reading the manual. Watch the tapes as many times as you can. Study the manual, and work closely with the Diva-Artist that you signed with. Be the first in your area to become a Diva-Artist for DivaGlam Cosmetics LLC, in your area!

Hope you join us on our journey to the discovery of YOU!

Earnings Disclaimer: There is no magic potion for success in the Party Plan Industry. It requires hard work and dedication. The Diva Success System is a system of ACTIONS to take that will boost your business to the next level. As with anything, all results will vary. Simply buying this system or joining this community will not guarantee your success - you must still work the plan. If you are ready to stop wasting time and money and really commit to making your business a success, then you have come to the right place.

Please note: Due to the nature of our products (digital delivery, intellectual property, etc) we do not give cash refunds, only exchanges for defective products.

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