Monday, April 25, 2011


"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY"


One of the first makeup tips you should observe is the importance of finding the the right foundation. It could be the difference between looking as if you have naturally flawless skin or as if you are wearing a mask.

Most women have yellow-based skin. They include most Caucasians and all Asian, Latin and African women. To get that perfectly natural, flawless look they need to wear foundations with a yellow base.

Most foundations on the market however have pink or orange tones. Women wearing these foundations often end up looking artificial, ashy and two-toned.  DivaGlam Cosmetics carry yellow base foundations in YOUR b'HUEtiful shade.

We also carry a jojoba liquid foundation as well for a sheerer coverage. It has awesome coverage, and is very natural-looking.

After getting your foundation right, the next step is to follow the makeup tips we provide for you at a personal consultation or videos on our site. With a little practice, you will be amazed how easy it is for you to learn to apply your makeup like a true  Diva- artists.

Check out our site for info and training.

b'HUEtifully yours,