Saturday, February 12, 2011

BlogDrop a Hint (and a K.I.S.S.)

Sterling Silver Marcasite and Garnet Colored Glass Heart Pendant, 18"
"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY"
BlogDrop a Hint (and a K.I.S.S.)
The thought of Valentine’s Day can cause the heart of even the toughest man to pound. Unfortunately, we’re not talking the giddy pitter-patter of a love-struck teen. It’s more like a sweat-inducing, chest-tightening, might-fail-my-final-exam kind of thing. Much of that poor man’s stress is related to the desire to deliver the “perfect” gift for that special someone in his life.

So, this year, when Stella & Dot introduced its Spring 2011 Collection, we were tickled to realize that this season’s styles are actually the perfect antidote to Valentine’s Day stress. Our Valentine’s Day gift guide employs the K.I.S.S. theory – although this time the acronym stands for Keep It Stylish, Sweetheart. The beauty of a gift from this guide is that the gift-giver is eligible for “double credit” in the eyes of their special someone for invoking both sentiment AND style in their gift. So, since good things come in 3’s (and a Top 3 is easier to remember than a Top 10) here are our Top 3 Can’t-Miss Valentine’s Gift Ideas:

1. Create a delicate situation. A delicate necklace is a sweet and sentimental choice for Valentine’s Day. It’s far enough from the left-hand ring finger to reassure newly minted couples, yet close enough to the heart to capture the romance. Try the On the Mark Necklace for a modern twist on cupid’s arrow, or the Starry Night as a memento of a special date night. For extra style points, pick up 2 or 3 delicate styles for an of-the-moment layered look.

2. Put a ring on it. With all due respect to the glorious wedding ring, women’s hands are meant to be adorned with a variety of beautiful accessories. This season, when it comes to rings, more is more. A set of stackable bands is a stylish way to sentimentally wrap yourself around her finger. The Stackable Deco Rings are an ultra glam choice for day or night. The Eternity Bands (available in rose gold, gold or silver) are gorgeous paired with a wedding band or stacked together.

3. Charm her. For the perfect personalized gift, charms are a must-have. Mix 2-3 charms, such as the Love Script heart, a birthstone briolette and initial charms on a delicate chain or bracelet. The choices are endless, but a with quick peek at our Charm video, you’ll be ready to select a heart-warming & personalized gift.

So, if you know a guy in need of a little help selecting a gift for a special someone (maybe even you?) share these tips! (Also, don’t forget to share the order deadlines so his gifts arrive right on time.)


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