Monday, December 27, 2010

Asian Diva Tips

"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY"
Asian Beauty Tips

The best tip of all is to work to enhance the natural beauty of your face. Develop the exotic features that make you unique for an overall beguiling appearance.


For the Hooded Eye: With a hooded eye, the goal is to open them up for a brighter overall affect. To create a wider eye and still maintain the beautiful shape, you can use a subtle contouring influence. Start with an overall application of a light shadow, from the lid to the brow.

Then, use a dark, medium color eye shadow on the hood of the eye, covering up the part of the lid that you want to recede. Then blend the darker shadow with the lighter color for a more natural recession. Make sure to avoid contouring shadows that are too dark; as they will only make the eyes look smaller.

Once the shadow is in place, you will next want to line the entire eye. This will bring out the natural drama of the Asian eye. Deep dark eyeliner or shadow colors are good here.

Be stunning! For Wide Eyes: Any combination of shadows and liners can be used with this eye; the only thing you'll need to decide is if you want to make the eye look smaller or wider. For smaller eyes, use a liner to line the bottom of the eye, taking care to line as close as possible to the lash line. This will give you an amazing, "fierce" look.

If you want to make the eyes look wider, stay away from lining underneath the eye. Instead, line the top lash as usual and add a sparkly shade to the inner corners of the eye (the part of the eye that is closest to the nose). Try a shade in sliver or gold, whichever works best with your skintone. The key here is to only use this lighter shade in this area. For even wider eyes, line the bottom lash line with a white pencil.


To Fill Brows: Eyebrow shaping is critical for a complete Asian beauty routine. It makes a significant difference, as it can lift the face and open up the eyes. The best technique is to use a stiff eyebrow brush, add a little brow gel to hold, and fill in the gaps with brown shadow or liner. Practice this often until you get the look that brings the most strength to your eyes.

Beautiful Arches: If you want to create a beautiful arch, take a long eye pencil and hold it diagonally so that one part of the pencil is across the tip of your nose, and the other end is at the outer edge of your pupil; this is where your natural arch falls. From there, begin to create an arch. Another trick that is less complicated is to move very close to the mirror and find where the outer part of your pupil lies. This will also direct where to create an arch.