Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY"

I want to take this time to thank Mother Dorothy who is the Mother of our Church.  She is a great inspiration to all of us at the Church and to the women in the "Divas having Tea" group.
Mother Dorothy is a HUGE FAN of DivaGlam Cosmetics, she wears it faithfully (just a little bit) every Sunday.  It is so sheer and light that it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything at all, is what she will tell you.  Mother Dorothy has prayed for all of her children and God is beginning to bring them in one by one to the Church.  Her daughter Minister Rachel is a great help and assistant to Pastors Daniel & Dr MeChelle.
I pray that your Mothers Day was great and that you celebrated your Mothers Day with DIVA-licious STYLE.
Some of Mother Dorothy's favorite products are listed below, go to the website and check out the one just right for you.

DivaGlam Mineral Sheer powder (c6)                                                                                    Diva Mineral Powder Blush

Diva Lipstick
Please stop by and pick out your favorite colors at a great price.  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!


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