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Find your Classic Beauty Icon!

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"HAVE A DIVA-licious DAY"

Hello everyone, Okay I came across this test and thought it was great, and as usual I love to share with my readers awesome information that I receive.  So the questionaire is just a tool to get you to thinking about what type of style you are or have a tendency to be.  Please take it and have fun.  Maybe you will discover something about yourself you did not know or you may think that you liked something but you find you really don't. Enjoy,

Are you a sultry sex siren, a laid-back beach babe, or an elegant glamour girl? Take this quiz to find your beauty icon and the decade where your sense of style fits!

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1. You're often told your most attractive feature is:

Your unique sense of style and ability to make any trend your own.

Your megawatt smile and boisterous laugh.

Your sexy doe eyes.

Your effortless sense of style and grace.

Your clean-cut good looks and outgoing nature.
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2. You feel most confident when you are wearing:

A totally original (and sometimes out there) look you've pulled together from what's in your closet.

A stylish, curve-hugging ensemble.

An eye-catching swimsuit with beach-sexy hair.

Anything that exudes elegance — whether it's a party dress or cigarette pants and a cardigan.

It depends — you can go from a sophisticated dress and heels one day to donning sneakers and jeans the next.

3. Your favorite hair style is:

Tousled, undone waves.

A sophisticated updo or short pixie cut.

One that changes monthly! You'll try anything once, even streaks of bold color.

Sculpted with lots of volume.

A head full of wild curls.

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4. When shopping for shoes, you find yourself gravitating toward:

Any shoe with an interesting feature: a rhinestone ornament, a peep toe, or some alligator fabric. It's all in the details.

A sexy pair of thigh-high leather boots (or, hey, even combat boots!).

Heels — the higher the better! Comfort takes a backseat to style.

Timeless staples you can get lots of wear out of, like classic pumps or Converse sneakers.

Summery sandals or flats — you like looking pretty yet casual.

5. Your jewelry box holds:

Your favorite watch, diamond studs, and a few delicate gold chains.

Big hoop earrings, studded leather bracelets, and necklaces of all colors and sizes. You love to accessorize!

Not much — just a few treasured pieces you've collected over the years

Anything jewel-encrusted — from cocktail rings to necklaces to bracelets.

Strand after strand of luxurious pearls.

Which of the following describes the contents of your makeup bag?

All the latest products from your favorite cosmetic counter — you never leave the house without a full face of superglam makeup!

Select items from the same luxe makeup and skin-care line you've used for years.

What makeup bag? You usually wear nothing but a bit of moisturizer with SPF.

Many, many colors and varieties of mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and lip color. Any beauty trend that comes along, you'll usually try it at least once.

Just the basics — concealer, mascara, and a touch of lip gloss.

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8. On a dream dinner date, you're at a candlelit table for two. You'd hope to be with:

A chivalrous, handsome gentleman who oozes integrity.

An intense, athletic man with a mysterious personality and killer good looks.

A suave, sophisticated, and sexy European lover.

A laid-back family man who is crazy about you.

Your lovable longtime partner who still has your heart.

Okay so I took the test and the this is what my results were. Although I do agree with some of it I can say that I would never have put myself in the catagory with Madonna by no means. But it was fun anyway. Hope you enjoyed the thought provoking questions. Me

You're Madonna

1980s style chameleon who pushes the envelope

Unconventional and stylishly confident, you’re a beauty trendsetter whom others are captivated by. Though she’s just as relevant today, Madonna’s flashy rocker-chic look is synonymous with the 80s, and like her, you’re anything but boring. You love to experiment with makeup, hair, and fashion, and everyone knows it. Those around you see you as daring and seductive, but you back up your looks with magnetism, brains, and plenty of ambition. Others can’t wait to see what look you’ll pull off next — and you enjoy keeping them guessing.

Modern-day kindred spirits include Rihanna, Chloƫ Sevigny, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, and Pink.

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