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In the years that I have been a makeup artist the question that I receive most especially in recent years is in regards to the LIPS.  Everbody wants full, plump, juicy, lips, Angelina Jolie came on the scene and all of a sudden BIG LIPS were in.  Africian American women have had these lips for centuries but it became fashionable when she arrived on the scene.

With that said, I am going to tell you about a few products that I personally use on my clients to create the illusion of full volumpous lips.

Step one:  always start with a smooth mouth, this can be created with several products but the one that I have found that I like to use and it is very reasonable is "lip appeal" by Beauticontrol Cosmetics.  It comes in a container and has a mask on the top which you apply to the lips and let dry then wipe off, taking off all of the dry skin with it.  After that the bottom has a lip balm that I then apply and rub into the lips until absorbed.

Step two:  Next is to get a very good lip plumper, and again there are many out there now.  Of all the ones I have tried I can recommend "Victoria Secrets Lip Plump"  they have two, one is regular and the other is what they call extreme plump.  Wipe that across the lips and then tissue off after a few seconds or so.  You do this so that you can apply your lipstick or lipglossYou just want the plumper to work to create the look and then you add the color.

Step three:  Outline the lips right on the lip line, use a color pencil that is in a neutral color matching your lips or one that is very close to the lipstick color or lipgloss color you are using.  Please apply the color whether gloss or lipstick with a lip brush.  This does two things, first it gives you control of the color and second you can control exactly where the color is applied.

Rememer that the lip plump is only a temporary solution, but they do work and they are fun to use for a special occasion.  Have fun.

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