Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eyebrows (sisters not twins)

Okay since I have had many requests for instructions on how to create great eyebrows I decided to write this article.
To show you how important the eyebrows are let me bring to mind two famous people and then let you decide. First one is Whippie Goldberg, when I think of Whippie I think little or no eyebrows at all and notice how her eyes just seem to go into the hair line. Second one is Brooke Shields, When I think of Brooke I see big bushy eyebrows that actually made her famous. So with that said, you can see eyebrows ARE IMPORTANT. Lets begin.
There are a few items needed to create the eyebrow that is perfect for your face.

1. Shape is important, how to ackcomplish this is a simple process but one that does take practice.  Remember 3 key points as pointed out in the illustrastion.

2.  Now we are going to get rid of all the hair that is outside of the points that you have drawn.  Now there are several methods that you can ackomplish this.  I am going to mention the popular ones, actually the only ones that I know of as of the writing of this article.  A.  First is the tweezer method.  Please rememeber we tweeze the eyes not pluck,  (you pluck a chicken, you tweeze the eyebrows).   B.  Waxing is the next most popular method.  This is a good method but is often followed by tweezing some stray hairs that was not gotten by the wax.
C.  The third method, and the one I personally highly recommend is ThreadingThreading comes to us from India.  At first I was reluctant to try it but after my first trip to the chair I was hooked.  There is usually no need to tweeze after the process and it is very clean and smooth after you are finished.  The thread is so percise that you actually don't need much else done to your brows after except to fill in with your eyebrow color
3.  Now just a few tools of the trade.  It is possible to get a great eyebrow at home all you need are a few items to help you to create the brow of your choice.  Yes you can change the shape of your brow yourself to compliment your face shape.  Here are the tools.  A.  Eyebrow kit
B.  Eyebrow forms.  These allow you to create any shape that you desire for your face

It is not the hardest thing to create the perfect eyebrow, it just takes practice and time to get to know what looks good on you and what is the shape that will compliment your facial structure.  When in doubt, please don't hesitate to seek out a professional and have them done.  It will be well worth it in the long run.
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