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DIVAlicious Winter

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Winter is a time of great beauty.  It is also a time when a lot of people get depressed and just want to hide.  Well not the DIVA in you.  Now is your time to shine.  Think of all the beautiful dresses you can wear and all the georgeous shoes that you strut around in.
I love this time of year, fixing the house and the smell of pine and cool crisp air.  But most of all I love to dress up.  This is the time to be creative with makeup and go out on a limb with your colors and even in choices of clothing.
I study fashion magazines and look at the runway shows out of Paris and New York and get tips from the famous designers, but I always put MeChelle's spin on what I see.  That is what being a DIVA is, it is knowing who you are, and what looks good on you.  Not someone elses version of what they think you should look like.

Thanks to Marc Jacobs and his collection for Louis Vuitton, fuchsia has become a winter color. And it couldn't be better color choice because it can look good on just about every woman, depending on the intensity of the color. From Dior to Dolce&Gabbana going through Ungaro, Michael Kors or Versace bring us a range of dyed garments and accessories to highlight. Coats, dresses, tops, shoes, purses... Fuchsia invades it all with a wave of energy that revitalizes the dullest days. Applied in basic cut garments and lady style, the contrast will be very effective offering a simple and modern image with a touch of punk. A secret? Combined with black, gives spectacular effects.

Fushia is going to be a big color for winter, and it is a bold in your face color. So wear it well DIVA. When you walk into a room you will make an entrance that says "here I am" without ever having to say a word.

Black, that little black dress is always in. Think CHANEL pearls, pearls and more pearls. Pair that with some little tight black leather gloves, yes ladies even in the daytime the gloves are a must. Now I am not going to do a whole story on clothing just a little to give you a taste of what is in store for YOU!
What ever your style and taste just make it work for you!
 I am going to mention here that a great eye for this winter, which has been in for a while, but works sooooooooooo beautifully and looks spectacular on just about everyone, depending on the intensity is the "smoky eye" with a touch of Gold this winter.  Looks awesome!

This EYE look is really very simple and the more you practice the better you will feel about doing it.  Now remember smoky eye can be done with a number of dark and lighter colors, it really is all up to you.  So here we go  First take an eyeliner gel of your choice, DivaGlam Cosmetics has a few really great colors, apply to lid in a rainbow shape with a brush, before that dries take your eyeshadow and blend with a soft brush.  Choose your eye shadow close to the color of the gel and blend.  In the example eye above the dark was applied underneath the eye and top of eyelash line and over lid, then a gold was applied over the top.  Follow this with masacra and false eyelashes if you like.
Until next time, we will talk about the lips and more updates out of The Paris and New York Market.

Have a DIVAlicious DAY,

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