Friday, August 28, 2009

Beauty Is more than Skin deep

Beauty has been a subject for many lifetimes. What is beauty? what is your definition of beauty? I see beauty in each and every woman that I come into contact with, each and everyday. Most times when they come to my kiosk they are just looking at all of the wonderful rich beautiful vibrant colors and some, because of how people have viewed them, will say to me "oh I don't wear any of those colors" or they will say "I don't think makeup is for me".
Makeup(back in the day) use to be very heavy and often times it had a beige or red hue to it making women look either sick or like they had been out in the sun. Especially women of color, it was almost impossible to get the right shade for us from one bottle of color. No most of the time we have to mix and match colors to get to the shade that complimented our skin tones.
When I speak about women of color, I am talking about ALL women, we all have color, it is just a matter of getting it right!
DivaGlam Cosmetics addresses that issue of color. I tried many mineral makeups when they first came out and we still had that problem, ashy or red. With that frustration I went on a search to find the color that would truly compliment ALL women of color. I found it!!! The thing with most women of color is that we are not just one color, and most cosmetics companies deal with the one color issue and miss the lighter or darker color issues. I don't care how light or dark you are most skin has various light and dark shadows and spots. These are the issues that DivaGlam Cosmetics addresses.
Our liquid foundation is jojoba based and blends perfectly with skins complex color variations.
Can be used with a sponge, brush or you fingers. The coverage is build able, meaning one coat is a light natural look, two coats and you get better coverage for blemishes, three coats and you can achieve a beautiful model look! It is not heavy, so when I say up to three coats, it may sound like alot but it really isn't it all depends on you and what YOUR DIVA look is going to be for that day.
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